Vulnerability Testing Services


Shredding your documents, going paperless, and giving your employees, patients, or clients immediate access to their data is essential in today’s “We are all connected” world.  Modernizing is essential to remaining efficient and competitive and providing your clients and patients with the level of service they demand.  However as with virtually everything, anything good comes with a risk.  Placing your data on a cloud based or internally hosted based server environment opens your risk to potential hackers and/or malicious code.  Hacking is the unfortunate risk of thieves or others with malicious intent attempting to steal your data and using it to harm you in a wide variety of ways.  The reality is that no matter how much money you spend on data security, nothing is guaranteed.  No one, no company can absolutely promise you a hack free environment and if anyone does, it is a real “red flag” regarding that company’s honesty.  Government regulations require that facilities that store medical data, secure that data.  Whether you are complying with Hipaa, HiTech, PCI, Sox, or any other regulations, the core reason for their existence is to ensure privacy and security to client or patient data.  Utilizing LionCage Defender solutions you will be notified of potential vulnerabilities in your computing environment as well as a resolution on how to rectify many known vulnerability issues.

Our easy to implement unique system goes further by:

  1.  Alerting you of server or website downtime.
  2.  Internal server issues such as problems with your drives, raid controller.
  3.  Overall server health with reports notifying you of issues with your anti-virus, firewall and Windows Updates.
  4. Windows Service errors.
  5. CPU/Ram/Hard drive usage spikes.
  6. And more…..

Going paperless brings efficiency, using a vulnerability/penetration testing service to ensure your data remains only yours is essential. To learn more about our easy to use data security solutions please feel free to contact our LC Certified technicians by calling 718-575-LION or by visiting for more information!