Migration to a Paperless Enviroment

Our goal at LionCage is to secure your documents and ensure that the data is available when you need it, while at the same time ensuring that we provide our children with a healthier, cleaner planet.  Scanning and going paperless is an easy first step toward the goal of an eco-friendly environment.

LionCage, through its multiple services helps ensure that your data is secured, easily accessible, and compliant with strict privacy regulations.  Utilizing our document scanning solutions is economical and takes the “headache” away from your office staff.

Our LC Certified scanning professionals will scan your documents and/or medical records, and save each file in any format that you wish.  Your dedicated LC Certified scanning professional will even work with your software vendors to ensure that all scanning sizes, naming conventions, DPI, etc. meet their requirements.  LionCage scanning solutions is a turnkey solution in going paperless.  Our team has years of experience in all aspects of IT and compliance regulations to streamline the paperless process.  Utilizing our team’s years of experience you can rest assured that your paperless migration will go seamlessly.

Steps to a Successful Paperless Office Migration


Going paperless is an exciting but nerve wracking step while taking advantage of new technology.  Medical EMR, EPHI systems, Electronic filing systems, etc. are the future and in some cases are required by law.  A successful migration to a paperless office is essential for a streamlined, uninterrupted work flow in your office environment.  Utilizing our LC Certified consultants you can be confident that your transition will be efficient, smooth, and done quickly and reliably.

Steps in the process:

  1. Consultation with the office administration – discuss what needs to be scanned, types of files that need to be scanned and a timeline.
  2. Consulting with software vendors to ensure scans are imaged in the format required by the respective software vendors.
  3. Schedule a pickup and finalize costs and timeline.
  4. Scan all documents.
  5. Client then has the option to receive the scanned images via a secure virtual cloud drive (virtual cloud drive is free for 14 days) or to receive images on DVD.C
  6. Once confirmed that all scans meet the clients requirements, documents are shredded.

Optional recommended services include:

  1. LionCageBackup.com – Utilizing our award winning, easy to use, secure, bank grade encryption data backup solution we can backup your servers, pcs, desktops, etc. Our fully secure, compliant backup software includes agents to backup your Exchange Server, SQL Server, and Lotus Server and includes software for Windows, Mac, & Linux.
  2. LionCageDefender.com – Our Defender solution is an easy to use solution that once you have, you cannot live without!  LionCageDefender is multi-faceted software that:

A)   Scans your internet connected devices including Servers, Cloud environments, Desktops, Laptops, DVR &  VoIP PBX systems, finds their security vulnerabilities and how to fix the most common issues.

B)     Offline Notification – There is nothing worse than coming in on a Monday morning to a down server or phone system. Defender will email and or SMS you if any device goes offline.

C)     Windows Service Notification – If a service on your Microsoft based server stops responding, Defender will detect the stopped service and notify you of the issue so that you or your IT Administrator can rectify the issue and eliminate downtime.

D)     Anti Virus, Firewall and Windows Updates – The system will notify you of the status of these essential services, notifying you which updates are installed and which are pending.

E)     Device HealthThe system will notify you of hard drive or Raid problems, as well as issues with your network cards and other physical devices, as well as spikes in RAM or CPU usage.

LionCage solutions are here to assist you in ensuring that your data is accessible and compliant. Our LC certified specialists are here to assist you in every step whether it be Scanning, Securing, Backing-up, or Shredding.  Our team will work with you and guide you through every step.  Contact us today for a free quote or if you simply have any questions or concerns.

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