Data Security Consulting

12324609-image-of-confident-colleagues-communicating-with-their-boss-at-meetingLionCage stands apart from the competition by being your one stop for data security. Whether you are looking to shred your documents, scan your documents, store your documents on our clouds, store your data on your clouds or servers, automatically test your security procedure or implement new procedures our team of LC Certified professionals are here to assist you and make sure your data is saved in a secure, compliant environment.

Reality is that we have a lot of very good competition in everything that we do, however we do not believe there is a single company out there other than LionCage that provides a one stop solution offing a full spectrum of services. Data security is the key to remaining competitive and is the law depending on what field you are in. Our Data Security Consulting teams have  vast experience from building computers and servers, to setting up network environments to shredding to website development and more. Using our encompassing teams to implement your systems, sites and clouds will ensure that your setup is configured (or reconfigured!) in a secure, compliant environment. Our teams work hand in hand and eliminate the blame game.  Our data security consultants will be more than happy to work with your software, web and hardware vendors to ensure a unified approach and ensuring an efficient,  safe, secure computing environment.

9725218-a-business-team-of-three-sitting-at-table-and-planning-workHipaaHiTech, PCI, Sox compliance does not simply mean having a password on your computer and laptop.  It means, among other things, ensuring that all your data is processed, saved, transported and secured in a regulatory, compliant manor. Working with our team of LC Certified professionals, we will assist you and work with your team to setup policies and procedures to ensure that not only are you utilizing your team in an efficient secure manor but that you are operating and securing data in a compliant manner. Contact our Data Security Consulting team today at 718-575-LION for a free consultation and to see how we can take your paper office to a secure, efficient, compliant digital office.

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