Document Destruction & IT Asset Management Consulting

LionCage solutions are all about security and ensuring that your live data and equipment as well as the data on your decommissioned end of life equipment remains secure.  41% of data security breaches are caused by the incorrect disposal of documents, laptops, computers, IPads, and smartphones!   LionCage can have specially trained LC Certified consultants with years of experience come down to your office, inspect all your devices, and provide you with a fully detailed audit which will assist you in helping secure your environment from security breaches, as well as remaining compliant with privacy regulations such as Hipaa, HiTech and Sox.  What is unique about LionCage is our ability to not only advise you on how to secure your data and ensure that your live data remains secure and available, but additionally, we provide shredding and E-Recycling”LC Certified” specialists who will make a plan of action and arrange everything for you from the inventory audit to degaussing and/or drive sanitization (NIST Certified) to scheduling pickups for proper disposal and recycling.  Depending on the age and quality of your equipment we may even be able to monetize your antiquated equipment, and once securely wiped per NSA/NIST standards, place it for sale or donate it to the underprivileged on secondary markets.

Migration to Modern Technology

With the speed of creation of new technology and the relatively low cost of migration to current technology, today’s equipment is being made obsolete quicker than ever.  Therefore smart IT Asset Management is essential in remaining current and efficient.  LionCage is your one stop shop for ensuring compliant disposal and E-Recycling  of antiquated servers, computers, laptops, hard drives, SSD drives, printers, copiers, IPads, monitors, phones, smartphones,  TVs,  routers, firewalls and more!  We offer total end of life IT Asset Management and we make the process simple.  We will…

  1. Provide a complete audit of your equipment and document retention policies.
  2. Schedule a consultation with your staff to review the audit and advise what to dispose of.
  3. Once approved, we then do a complete erasure, per NSA Standards, of all magnetic media such as hard drives (This can be done onsite or offsite).
  4. Schedule document and e-waste pickup.
  5. Upon destruction we will provide you with   both a Certificate  of Destruction as well as Certification of Recycling.

Why Not Just Throw It Out??

Forgetting about compliance regulations, throwing your old equipment in the garbage bin is definitely easier than dealing with degaussinghard drive shredding, and proper document destruction.  However the costs and headaches as well as your company’s reputation if information makes it into the hands of the wrong people, makes the costs of recycling very well worth it.  Dumpster diving is a real sport of data thieves. Your data, your drives, are worth money.  In addition, by using LionCage services you are helping ensure your devices and documents are disposed of and recycled in an environmentally friendly way.

We provide secure data destruction services including hard drive shredding or DOD wipes along with electronic waste recycling as per NAID (National Association of Information Destruction), NIST (National Institute of Information and Technology) and DOD (Department of Defense)  standards. Our complete life cycle IT Asset management service helps businesses meet their environmental and legal obligations for proper equipment disposal.  When utilizing our services we will assist you with HIPAAHITECHSOX, RoHS, state, and federally mandated security and compliance regulations in regard to information destruction.

FREE CONSULTING??? Monetize Old Equipment???

LionCage IT Asset Management consulting fees start at a very affordable $175.00 per hour. Don’t want to pay? Want to give back to the community? Unlike some other firms, with your permission we can perform component-level harvesting, scouring your devices to find all resalable parts.

We have worked out a special arrangement with HASC, an organization that cares for disabled and challenged children and adults to have these individuals get paid to disassemble old devices.  Our work, giving these people a sense of personal value and accomplishment, has won accolades and praise from the community.  During the disassemble process all magnetic media can be sanitized using our top of the line NIST certified equipment ensuring that the data can never be accessed.  Once we extract the equipment we can then offer parts for resale. Once resold we can either pay you, or we can donate the money earned from the resale of the recycled goods to HASC or other charities.

Please call us today if you have any questions. LionCage is your # 1 source for secure data security and recycling solutions.