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There are latterly hundreds of companies out there offering scanning services, for that matter you can run down the block right now to your local computer or office supply store and buy a scanner for $50.00 so why should you use LionCage for your scanning needs??

23661798-an-image-of-a-document-scannerLionCage Scanning Services provides high speed customized scans saved and formatted per your requirements. Our LC Specialists will discuss your needs with you to ensure that we provide exactly what you and or your software requires. Utilizing LionCage you will not tie up your office staff with what appears to be remedial work. LionCage will scan, OCR (if required), file and label all your files and ensure your data is easily accessible when you need it. With years of experience providing scanning and computer services LionCage will scan your files whether 1 sheet, 100 thousand sheets or a million sheets quickly, efficiently and securely.

Sorting through your vast amount of papers to find a single document can be exhausting and a waste of valuable time. Seeking document during an emergency can risk lives. LionCage specializes in providing scanning solutions for medical practices who are migrating to EMR systems law offices, accountants  and insurances offices. Our ultra fast scanners  can scan notebooks, paper files, and any of your documents, regardless of size or color in short periods of time. Utilizing for scanning services or data structure consulting will save you money in performance, uniform accessibility and streamlined file access.


Our Guarantee to you is that your data will be scanned, filed, and secured by industry professionals and that your data will be saved and placed in the format that you require. If you are not 100% happy with our services will scan it again and again until we will meet your exact requirements. To learn more about our scanning solutions and to discuss options such as securing your scanned data on the cloud as well as other services we offer please Contact us at 718-575- LION.

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