Serialized E-Device Destruction


Hard drives encaged in steel cases are difficult to shred properly. Drive shredding is a science and specialized, customized shredding equipment is required.  While many document shredding companies do offer hard drive destruction, LionCage Destructor trucks have special disk shredding devices built into each truck. Our drive destruction experience has allowed us to incorporate many unique features and processes that address hard drive destruction challenges. Our hard drive destruction services are available onsite or offsite in our secure facility.  For clients that are required to meet either internal privacy policy regulations or government mandated compliance regulations, hard drives, including SSD drives, can be degaussed, sanitized, punched, or shredded onsite in our custom built LionCage mobile data destruction vehicles.  All destructions can be recorded on video.

Detailed Audit

To ensure compliance and client satisfaction, all E-Devices that we shred, such as IPADs, IPODs. laptops, servers, and of course, hard drives, are serialized and a full report including a certificate of destruction is provided to you.  A LionCage certified technician will provide you with a detailed audit trail of all destroyed media including serial numbers, manufacturers and model numbers. Upon request, we can match serial numbers to a pre-supplied list and will only shred after serial number verification has been performed by our specialists. To assist you in an audit, all devices that were serialized and shredded will be incorporated into the Certificate of Destruction as proof of compliance by LionCage.

Sample Serialized Shred

Manufacturer Serial Number Device Type Date Of Shred LionCage Signature Client Signature
Toshiba 123456 Laptop 1/1/2013    
Western Digital 344ffdf Hard Drive 1/1/2013    
Hitachi Rererrt Hard Drive 1/1/2013    
Seagate 234c44 Hard Drive -SSD 1/1/2013    

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