Hard Drive Recycling and Data Sanitization Guarantee


Ensuring that the data on your hard drives is destroyed is essential when disposing of end-of-life or defective computers and E-Devices. Throwing a hard drive on the floor, setting it on fire, drilling a hole through it, or pouring hot coffee on it may not do the job! The heartbeat and raison d’etre of LionCage is data security, and we understand well the importance of your data confidentiality.

When utilizing LionCageShredding.com we guarantee that your data will be properly sanitized and we guarantee that the data will not be recoverable. Utilizing LionCage’s secure shredding and destruction services ensures that not only will your drives and E-Devices be destroyed, but that they will be recycled and disposed of in a legal and environmentally friendly way.

Per your instructions, when shredding or degaussing hard drives, LionCage will

1) Physically destroy the hard drives, utilizing our state-of-the-art hard drive shredder.

2) Degauss the data from your drives utilizing our NIST approved degaussing equipment.

3) Sanitize the drive utilizing integrated Secure Wipe technology or 7 pass write, utilizing our DOD authorized sanitizer

LionCage provides a detailed hard drive audit report for each hard drive received that includes the serial number, manufacturer, model, and date and method used to destroy the data and/or drive. Upon destruction you will receive a certified document of destruction which you can provide to an auditor in the event of an audit.

Going Beyond Certificate of Destruction….

LionCage clients not only receive a LionCage Certificate of Destruction but they can receive a DVD of the shred and/or watch the destruction of their drives live. To learn more information about LionCage Shredding, our guarantees and associated security services, please contact us.

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