Environmentally Friendly Recycling Pickup Services

LionCage is proud to provide environmentally friendly recycling services; LionCage utilizes R2 certified partners whom together we ensure that all recycling is done a secure, lawful and compliant manner. Whether you are upgrading your equipment or antiquating your old servers, desktop, printers, copiers or mobile devices LionCage will send down our special E-Waste recycling vehicle to pick up your devices and recycle it responsibly in a secure environmentally friendly manner. Our teams of recycling specialists specializes in the secure collection and disposal of redundant IT equipment and other electronics as well as data eradication across the New York metro area, providing onsite pickup across Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Manhattan, Bronx and Long Island as well as offsite data destruction across the United States.

LionCageShredding-friendly-recyclingLionCage is not just a recycling and shredding company, we are a data security solutions provider, when utilizing our services our team of LC Certified specialists can take your old equipment and destroy the data on it and ensure that no one can every access it again. Data destruction services can occur on your premises or offsite in our offices.  We offer three methods of data destruction

1. Hard drive puncturing

2. Hard drive sanitization

3. Hard drive degaussing

Whichever method(s) you opt to utilize for data destruction, rest assured that recycling and disposing your old computers, copiers and miscellaneous electronics is not only good for the environment and for future generations, but it’s good for our communities today. LionCage works with teams of “special” supervised adults who are taught how to disassemble and sort computer and electronic equipment safely and whom are paid a fare wage. Once all equipment is sorted by our special team it is sent for recycling.

In addition to working with end users in virtually every industry large and small; including accountants, doctors, hospitals, law firms, schools and government offices across the New York metro area, LionCage partners with VAR’s, IT manufacturers, leasing companies and systems integrators to create a “single source”  to ensure chain of custody.  Whether you are looking to throw out antiquated equipment sitting in storage, or looking to destroy a prototype or recalled product we can tailor build an affordable recycling and data destruction solution for you.  To learn more about LionCage shredding and data security solutions and how our team of recycling and IT professionals can work with you in ensuring a seamless pickup of your redundant equipment and delivery of all destruction compliance documentation please contact us today.

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