Drive Sanitization

Hard drive sanitizing (also known as “scrubbing”/ “Hard Drive Erasing”) is simply defined as permanently erasing all digital content and media (including data that may have been marked “bad” by a controller card or drive firmware) on a hard drive to the point where it is impossible to be recovered by data-recovery programs.  Hard drive sanitization is our preferred way of providing a secure NIST & DOD certified method of data destruction on working hard drives.

If you want to permanently erase a hard drive utilizing a method that will not destroy the drive itself, while ensuring that the data that was on it has been permanently erased, sanitization of the drive is required. Sanitization is done by rewriting the entire drive, every block on the disk, with binary zeros. For home and non-ultra secure environments, our 3 time write is generally more than adequate, while government, accounting, and other industries require an ultra-secure 7 time write, ensuring an added level of security.

As with all our solutions, LionCage has searched for products across the globe and acquired and implemented the use of those that will ensure that our systems are safe, secure, and environmentally friendly. LionCage drive sanitization does not merely format your drive.  Our DOD and NIST certified equipment utilizes state of the art secure wiping technology, and has the ability to go far beyond the standard 3 wipe method that many of our competitors use.  In addition to using “Secure Erase” (where compatible per the drive’s manufacturer) we have the ability to do DOD 7 pass overwrite, to ensure that your data will never be recovered.

Our state of the art drive sanitizer can sanitize up to 12 – 2.5/ 3.5″ IDE HDDs and 3.5″/2.5″ SATA HDDs drives simultaneously enabling us to provide a fast, efficient, secure hard drive cleanup solution with a quick turn around time. While we offer other secure hard drive destruction services such as compacting, puncturing and degaussing (which destroys the drive) we advise our clients with working drives to utilize the sanitizing option since  upon completion of the secure wipe, the working drive is forensically  like new (old data can not be accessed) however you still have a usable, working hard drive. Depending on the drive type, LionCage will even buy used drives from you for up to $50.00 per drive! If you do not want to erase the hard drives and you would like to permanently erase and destroy your hard drive(s) please contact us to learn more about our hard puncturing and degaussing options.

LionCage provides onsite sanitization  in Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, Brooklyn, Bronx, Long Island and New Jersey as well as offsite hard drive erasing, puncturing and degaussing services across the United States.  To learn more about our NIST & DOD approved hard drive sanitization option please feel free to contact a LC certified technician at 718-575-LION.

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