Hard Drives & Magnetic Media Degaussing


What is Degaussing?
Going back historically to cassettes, then to floppy disks, and eventually to hard drives, data storage has traditionally utilized magnetic fields.  Data stored on a hard disk is stored digitally in the form of tiny magnetized regions on the platter where each region represents a bit. In order for the computer to save information to a hard disk, the computer systematically writes to the disk a magnetic field which is placed on the tiny field in one of these two polarities:  N-S – If the north pole arrives to the sector head before the south pole, and S-N – if the south pole reaches the head before the north pole while the field is accessed.  An orientation in the one direction (like N-S) can represent the ‘1’ while the opposite orientation (S-N) represents “0”.  Data is stored in 0 and 1 binary format. This polarity is read and understood by the integrated controllers that are built within the hard disk.   Degaussing, which purges the data from the drive without necessarily destroying the physical drive, leaves the domains in random patterns with no preference to orientation. The magnetized reversal of the polarization renders previous data unreadable and essentially leaves the disk platters blank. There are occurrences when the magnetic alignment does not adequately lose its alignment following demagnetized degaussing.  When this occurs it is known as remnant magnetization. Utilizing an effective, proper degaussing system will ensure there is insufficient magnetic remnants to reconstruct the data.

LionCage provides hard drive degaussing, sanitization and physical data destruction services utilizing the industry leading certified equipment while following the strictest recommended practices to ensure compliance. While taking a chain saw to a hard disk may possibly sound like fun (to some), our top of the line specialized NIST-88 approved degaussing equipment will leave your drive platter data wiped to a forensically like new status.

Clients who opt for degaussing often do so in order to be able to discard their drives in a very secure, eco-friendly way. When a Hard Disk is degaussed not only is the data destroyed but the drive itself is not usable, the added security level of knowing that your data was wiped in a NIST recommended manner using the latest technology in the industry, and ensuring your drive has been disposed of in an environmentally sound way makes degaussing a popular choice with corporate clients such as banks, law firms, insurance agencies and government offices.

Clients who typically use our degaussing services:
– Data processing departments
– IT Firms
– Fortune 500 companies
– Military
– Government Offices
– Banks

When you need to make sure your hard drives are erased, LionCage is your answer. LionCage Shredding provides onsite & offsite degaussing, puncturing and hard drive sanitization services within Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Bronx, Manhattan (NYC), Long Island, and offsite degaussing nationwide. Using our data erasure services you can rest assured your data is permanently gone. LionCage uses top of the line DOD AND NSA listed equipment and erases data following recognized standards that provides compliance under FACTA, HIPAA, GLB, DPA, etc.To learn more about our LC Certified degaussing, sanitization, and hard drive destruction services please contact us at 718-575-LION (5466). We are New York’s answer to data erasure and drive destruction!

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