Asset Management

With technology hardware becoming obsolete as fast as technology itself advances, efficient IT Asset Management is essential in staying current and relevant.  The wise business person would also wish to take advantage of the ability to retire and monetize their aging equipment.

LionCage recycles computers, laptops, servers, printers, copiers, LED and LCD screens,  smartphones, televisions, switches, scanners, hard drives and more. LionCage provides a one stop shop for virtually all end of life E-Devices.


With the advent of cloud computing, and the declining cost of computers, printers, tablets, and smartphones, the turnover rate of E-Equipment is reaching record speed. A recent poll shows that, on average, corporate America now holds desktops and printers for under two years. Unfortunately, a lot of these old computers and the like end up in garbage dumps, and are not recycled properly.

A recent study reflects the above statement showing the low percentage of machines being recycled and ending up in landfills.

In 2010, people purchased 71.7 million new laptop and desktop computers in the U.S.

The same year, American consumers disposed of 423,000 tons of computers.

Only 40% of those computers were actually recycled and the rest ended up in landfills.

These recent stats do not take into account the amount of auxiliary computer equipment that was also thrown into dumps around the country nor does it include residential computer disposal. For example, 595,000 tons of computer monitors were disposed of in 2010 – with only 33% being recycled!

While many shredding and E-Recyclers will shred and/or compress your used equipment securely and then sell it by weight to a recycler, we at Lion Cage offer you two options to enable you to protect the environment and/or recoup some of your previous investment to help defray the cost of  new equipment.

1)      Destroy & Recycle – We will destroy and separate the components of your old equipment and send each part to the appropriate recycler to ensure that your devices do not end up in landfills.

2)      Remarket – Lion Cage will destroy and degauss your drives to strict government standards, and send the low value parts for recycling and resell valuable components to partners or to end users.  A Lion Cage specialist will review your equipment with you to evaluate the return value.

LionCage Strongly recommends remarketing!

Our LC certified technicians and sales professionals will maximize the return on your reusable computers and peripheral devices. LionCage re-marketers work along multiple channels servicing a broad range of industries including telecommunications, medical, educational, networking and consumer electronics.

Our service is a one stop shop. We will pick up, shred, degauss and sell. You just receive the bonus of receiving money for devices that have no value to you!

Why LionCage Asset Management & Remarketing?

  • Free Equipment evaluation
  • Multiple options including recycling & reselling.
  • NAID AAA onsite document shredding certification
  • BIC Certified
  • Certificate of Destruction
  • All shreds and disassembles are videotaped.
  • Certificate of Data Destruction
  • Serialized E-Devices
  • LC Certified technicians will degauss hard drives ensuring compliance with government regulations.
  • LionCage will provide your company with locked bins to ensure sensitive media remains secure during transport.
  • While onsite all equipment will be asset tracked
  • LionCage has representatives who work with companies across the nation ensuring that you get the most out of your old equipment!

Contact LionCage today to learn how our asset management program  can assist your company to recover valuable capital from your obsolete, unneeded, or end-of- life electronics by using our sanitizing and re-marketing services!


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