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LionCage-Hard-DriveHard Drive and Media Destruction

LionCage is committed to providing a responsible, ethical and secure way for businesses and individuals to dispose of end of life hi-tech products such as computers, servers, routers, printers, cameras and the like. Prior to recycling, LionCage provides data destruction services to ensure your confidential data can never be accessed when disposed of with us. Your data is worth money to a hacker! Your old drives may have private client data, accounting information, medical records or simply private photos on them. This seemingly innocent data can be used for credit card fraud, identity theft and even terrorism!

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As technology evolves and electronic devices become cheaper, faster, lighter, and more powerful, we all upgrade and replace our computers and electronics more frequently. Hackers know this, data thieves know this, and now you know it! provides the most cost effective and efficient hard drive and e-waste disposal processes on the market. Formatting a hard drive does not truly erase it.  Don’t risk your data landing in the wrong hands!  LionCage Shredding ensures that your data is permanently destroyed. is your one source for hard drive and electronics destruction and recycling. By using LionCage you can rest assured that your data is permanently destroyed. LionCage is your computer hard drive data destruction, sanitizing and degaussing service company.

LionCage Hard Drive Destruction Process

1. Document the serial number of the drives
2. Drop the drives into our Lion Cage hard drive destructor
3. Drive gets destructed and shredded
4. We prepare a COD – Certificate of Destruction
5. We deliver the remains to a recycler
6. We help save the environment!

Hard drive recycling is not just a good idea, in many professions, it may be required by law! Hipaa, Sox and other privacy regulations are out to ensure that client and patient data never gets into the wrong hands. Dropping a hard drive from the 10th floor does not destroy the data! It may break the drive, but a hacker or data thief can open up the hard drive and read the data on the disk cylinder. Don’t become data hack statistic! Destroy your data with LionCage today! cares about the environment. We utilize the newest technology to ensure that we are able to recycle as close to 100% of what we destroy as possible. Remember, at our E-Recycling solutions are totally effective, extremely affordable, and help save the environment. Next time you upgrade your computers, servers, printers etc call LionCage to come pick up your old equipment. LionCage recycles all electronic equipment with our exclusive R2 certified partners to ensure that your data is recycled in an environmentally friendly way.

Items that you may consider for recycling are:

• Antiquated or broken Computers• Mobile Phones

• Televisions

• Computer Parts

• Toner Cartridges

• Monitors

• Laptops


• Camera

• DVD Players

• Telephones

• Stencils

• X-rays

• Film

• Printers

• Portable Electronics

• iPods

Many companies offer recycling, however are they are “ethical recyclers”?

What is an ethical recycler? An ethical recycler is a company that not only takes out the valuable metals/components of electronics, but also recycles the cheap plastics and parts that we as recyclers do not make money on. We also to make seure to dispose of all metals and plastics in a n environmentally friendly way. LionCageShredding makes the environment a priority, and we do all we can to help leave the earth the same or better than the way we found it.

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