ID Theft protection Classes

16511290-set-of-icons-related-to-ecology-and-a-girl-recycling-paper is proud to sponsor ID Theft Protection & Environment Preservation classes to communities in areas where we provide on-site shredding and hard drive destruction services.

Citizens utilizing services that LionCage and its affiliated services provide, will help in preventing and eliminating document theft and assist in preventing identity and corporate fraud. When citizens realize how recycling old unneeded documents, school reports, and projects, as well their old electronics and computers can help to preserve the environment (an often boring topic) they are so excited with our presentations they often go home and start mini recycling programs of their own!

LionCage has run independently sponsored functions as well as cosponsored events with private entities and schools in addition to events with city agencies such as the NYPD. If you would like us to sponsor an event in your neighborhood please contact a LionCage specialist at 718-575-LION.


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