Go Green

Why should your office go Green?


Businesses and their employees by default use lots of energy and utilize a lot of natural and man made resources. Everything from lighting and heating, to computers and photocopies, as well as the commute of employees to and from the workplace use up energy and leave by products in the environment.  While we are waiting for technology to improve so that we can utilize less resources, there are plenty of ways we can go green now, and help to preserve our environment.

There are many reasons to go green; however the most significant reason you should conserve energy, and recycle your paper and E-devices is preserving our planet’s limited resources.  Shredding your documents not only saves trees, but it saves water, electricity and more.

Not only is it the right thing to do for our environment’s sake, but keeping your business green can be beneficial because:

  • It allows you to be a good example to your neighbors and employees.
  • It offers a better, cleaner workplace, without the clutter of old bankers’ boxes full of unneeded documents.
  • It may offer a competitive business advantage, as well as open up free advertising opportunities in green brochures.
  • It will improve efficiency and lower operating costs by utilizing e-filing systems and shredding old documents.

LionCage Shredding and its affiliated services are proud to provide you with green scanning, backup, and shredding solutions.  Reusing your unneeded paper and securing  your documents on a cloud based solution help to conserve power, save trees and water, and reduce your carbon footprint, while at the same time allowing you to run an efficient modern office.

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