Free Document Shredding & E-Waste Recycling Events


Like businesses, homes are often filled with papers such as old bills and statements, junk mail, school reports, and more, that are no longer needed or wanted.  LionCage is part of the community and we are happy to provide free shredding events to say thank you and give back for for your support. Our shredding events occur across Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island and Manhattan.

In the past, LionCage has provided community shredding events to say thank you to all the good folks who have assisted us and enabled LionCage to reach the level where we are today.  Our recent shredding events, which were coordinated with such agencies as the NYPD brought both knowledge and free shredding services to members our community.  LionCage is proud to co-sponsor events like these which assist in educating the public about the vital 21st issue of data and document security. Lion Cage shredding events generally take place on Sunday across the metro area. As of January 2015 LionCage shred events will now accept E-Waste.  With NYC new NYC E-Waste Recycling Laws it is illegal to throw your electronics curbside. Our special E-Waste disposal vehicle will be parked at all events to take your electronics devices including printers, computers, laptops, phones, cell phones and more.

If you manage a not for profit in the New York Metro area or if you are an assembly-person or council-person looking to provide our essential document shredding or data destruction services to your community please contact our office at 718-575-LION (5466) to find out about reduced rates for community shredding events. Don’t let your constituents risk their documents and drives, Shred-It! LionCage provides a reliable, insured, NAID & BIC certified service backed by data security professionals.

Shredding Events are exclusively for the recycling of personal documents, papers and computer equipment. If you would like to schedule a pickup for the shredding of confidential documents for your business anywhere in NYC, five boroughs or New Jersey please request a Free Quote.

Shredding events staff will gladly  accept –

Documents – Paper, Newspapers, Magazines.

E-Waste – Cell Phones, Hard Drives, Computers, Laptops, Printers, LED/LCD Screens

Shredding events do not accept tube screens (older tv’s), plastics  nor documents in heavy metal binders.

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