One-Time Shredding

The ‘paperless office’ has been talked about since the invention of the typewriter. While the reality is that paper use has definitely decreased since the introduction of email, paper is still very much in use.  With the utilization of scanning services, digital imaging, and EMR systems to retain documents, and with rent for office space at all-time highs, one time (non-auto reoccurring) document purges are a regular occurrence at offices in every industry.

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Many companies have well-structured filing and archive filing systems complete with planned destruction dates for each category of document.  Regardless of whether the archive is kept at your office or at a separate storage facility, our certified shredding professionals can shred your documents in a compliant manner.

When businesses relocate or reorganize their offices, they often discover paperwork, documentation, and records that have been untouched for years and are no longer required.  LionCage can help you plan the clean-out of unneeded papers before the move so that you take only the minimum with you to the new location.

LionCage purge visits are arranged at a time that suits you and will minimize disruption to your operations and the public.  Visits can also be scheduled during off-hours or on vacation days to help minimize interruption to your work environment.

In addition do commercial document shredding, LionCage offers residential pager shredding services  for estate and house moves/cleanups. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.


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