LionCage Shredding Guarantee

LionCage is the leading document shredding and E-destruction / recycling solution provider in the United States. Strategically located in the financial capital of the world, New York City, the single goal of LionCage shredding and its associated services, affiliates, and franchisees is to provide robust, easy to implement security solutions at the best possible prices. LionCage Shredding provides secure on-site document destruction and E-Destruction services. LionCage utilizes strictly top of the line destruction and degaussing and sanitization equipment, ensuring that your documents and/or hard drives data is completely destroyed. Our goal, our promise, our guarantee is simple – to provide you with the best, most secure, clean, punctual, professional, and reliable document shredding and E-destruction services.  We guarantee that our staff is trained in privacy compliance regulations and operates in a professional manner.

We know that there are numerous competitors out there; so we know that we need to earn your business.  Our business may seem simple – buy a powerful shredder, hire some cheap labor and throw it in a truck to shred. Our guarantee is that we do NOT operate that way!  Our guarantee is that our teams are trained professionals. Our teams are constantly taking refresher classes in utilizing the newest technology to ensure that your data is completely destroyed and unusable.  At LionCage we are so confident in our shredding solutions that we have a ONE MILLION dollar guarantee that your data will never be accessible once our destructors eat your data in high security mode!

Why LionCage?  Simple, we truly appreciate your business, hence utilizing LionCageshredding services ensures…

  • Cleanliness – We will never leave behind shreds of paper or any sort of mess.
  • Bins – We will provide you with top of the line secure bins – Custom colors available.
  • Security – We value you and your office. We will make sure that your data remains secure during the shredding process.
  • Staff – Clean, professional, courteous shredding experts
  • Destruction – 100% completely destroyed documents and drives.
  • Environment– We promise to dispose of and recycle your shredded devices and paper.
  • Documented Shred – All documents get a COD, Certificate of Destruction.
  • Hard Drive Shred – All drives and e-devices are destroyed and serial numbers documented.
  • Online Portal – You can easily schedule pickups, manage invoices and Certificates of Destruction, and pay invoices online.
  • Guarantee – One Million Dollar guarantee that your data will never be accessible again!

Get started securing your office today and ensuring that you are compliant with the ever increasingly strict medical and financial data privacy regulations.  Secure your data TODAY!

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