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Brooklyn LionCage Estate CleaningLionCage remains the one stop solution to managing the liquidation of documents and E-Waste from the home or office of the deceased. Our team of professionals represents more than 25 years of combined business experience through excellence in service to individuals, families, county agencies and related businesses. We strongly believe that our clients, the families and people we service during this difficult period deserve our diligence, discretion and of course our empathy above all else. Our caring staff will be happy to assist clients in the cleanup process and ensuring the estate is clean from confidential documents and electronic equipment at an affordable rate.

Estate cleaning is a sad and unfortunate necessity that at some point we all need to deal with. Confidential document shredding from medical records to financial documents to business matters of the deceased or those that the deceased may have worked with, represented or treated must be dealt with and those documents that are unneeded must be destroyed in a secure fashion. As the fastest-growing form of fraud, identity theft often occurs when confidential records and documents are not handled properly and may threaten the reputation and security of the deceased clients, friends and family.

Our reliable estate clean out experts will assist in the clearance of your loved ones’ estate. We will treat your property with utmost respect and compassion and ensure that confidential documents and old E-Waste such as computers, laptops, hard drives and the like are destroyed securely. Using LionCage a NYC BIC aAuthorized onsite document shredding company you can rest assured that our certified shredding experts will work diligently and efficiently during this trying period.

LionCage provides onsite estate services in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Bronx, Long Island as well as Northern and Central New Jersey.

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