Our Services

We are your ID theft, document and hardware protection, destruction and recycling specialists.  Our headquarters are in New York City, and we maintain affiliates across the continental United States.  At no additional charge, we supply you with a secure, locked security bin to deposit your documents that need to be fully destroyed.  We offer several sizes of locked security bins to suit your needs: an Executive Console (holds up to 100 pounds), a 64-gallon bin (holds up to 200 pounds) and a 95-gallon bin (holds up to 300 pounds).  We can also custom tailor a locked security bin to meet your needs.

How It Works

You do not need to remove paper clips, staples or binders – simply put your documents into the locked security bin.  When your bin fills up, call LionCage to schedule a convenient pickup time. Our trucks will pick up your bins and empty them into the shredding truck on-site.  Our trucks and equipment are automated, so no one can touch or view the documents once they are deposited into the locked security bins.  Visit The Process page for more information.

Specialized Services

LionCage offers many specialized services to meet your business and individual needs. We offer services like:

Scheduled Times and Pickups

We will pick up your items for shredding at your preferred location.  If requested, we will do everything possible to give you same-day service or arrive within 24 hours.  At LionCage, we provide service 24 hours a day and on weekends at no extra cost.  We also offer residential shredding and will arrive at your home at a scheduled time that works for you.


Our state-of-the-art shredding truck and equipment can shred paper 100 times faster than any office shredder and shred up to 8,000 pounds of material per hour.  There is no noise, no dust, no maintenance and no injury.  Witness in person the confidential secure destruction of your documents on a video monitor located on the outside of the shredding truck.  It’s fast, easy and convenient!  When the job is completed, we provide you with a Certificate of Destruction for your records.  Schedule your paper shredding to meet the demands of your facility.  We arrive promptly and work quickly.


You may watch your documents securely destroyed on-site through our trucks’ video monitor – even if you choose not to watch, you can be assured that your personal and business information is properly disposed of and will not be stolen from dumpsters or wastebaskets.

Legal Compliance

Most industries are required by law to ensure proper handling and destruction of sensitive customer information. With LionCage, you can be assured that our shredding and destruction process will satisfy the legal standards set forth with respect to proper destruction of your paper and hardware.  To read more on the laws, visit the Shredding Laws page.