Scanning Services

Regardless of your profession, paper is everywhere. Our offices are full of years of architect plans, accounting records, Insurance records, legal documents and medical records. LionCage while known for our E-Security and document destruction services is proud to provide lightning fast, secure, reliable document scanning solutions to clients across the United States. Utilizing our top of the line document scanners we have the ability to provide onsite or offsite secure document scanning solutions.

LionCage scanning provides documents in whatever format you require; we can even OCR your documents for you making your documents searchable. Depending on your needs and the quantity of documents offsite rates can be as little as 4 cents a sheet!

Security is essential; all of our scanning employees are background checked before hired and our scanning room employees operate in a secure no smartphone/camera monitored room.

Our scanning solutions are essential, convenient and cost effective service for every doctor’s office that is migrating to an EMR system as well as lawyer, accountant and any other office going paperless.

Once your documents are scanned we offer two solutions.

  1. Disk Delivery – We can deliver your data on a drive or disk.
  2. Cloud Delivery – Taking advantage of modern technology we can give you a virtual drive letter based on our secure cloud. All document scan jobs include this option for 14 days at no cost. Installing our easy to use software will give you easy instant access to your data.  Our cloud services are available for plans up to 2 TB for as little as $29.00 a month

Scanning your documents will give you easy immediate access to your files while saving value space in your office, save you money in storage fees and will help save the environment by recycling unneeded paper.

LionCage is your ONE stop for

  1. Scanning your documents.
  2. Shredding your document.
  3. Backing up your data.
  4. Securing your data.

Please Contact Us for a custom quote and to learn more about our easy to use secure document scanning and data protection services and our ONE MILLION DOLLAR document destruction guarantee.