Our Trucks


LionCage.com utilizes state of the art technology to ensure that your data is permanently destroyed. Our shredding trucks, also known “Destructors”, offer the world’s most efficient, environmentally friendly paper and drive destruction. The Patent Pending MDX-1 Mobile Shredding Unit is a revolutionary dual mode destructor.  The MDX-1 computer driven interface has the ability, with a touch of the screen, to go from standard to ultra secure mode.  When the Destructor is operating on standard shred mode, the bulletproof ST-15H can shred up to 6,500 pounds per hour.  Activating the high security mode produces an incredibly tiny shred size while maintaining a speedy throughput of up to 2,500 lbs/hr.  Our state of the art customized Shred-Tech’s MDX-1 is the first high security Mobile Shredding Unit which does not rely on screens or moving additional shredders in and out of position. Our automated, environmentally Destructor ensures that your documents and drives will be securely shredded and destroyed.


Shredding trucks are VERY expensive and they do not retain their value well. The industry is flooded with older model trucks. The issue with older trucks is older technology!  LionCage buys new trucks and the newest technology. Operating in this manner is very costly, however due to the large volume of sales, we are able to provide you the lowest prices.  Many older trucks use open and spill technology, which essentionally means that you open the lid and pour the bin into the truck.  Our trucks use the Ginger Gripper. This technology lifts the entire bin completely into the truck and then spills it in, shredding the paper in an ultra secure manner. All LionCage bins are Ginger Tipper compatible to ensure your data remains secure.  The state of the art Plus 1® micro-control document shredding management system offers many advantages.  The Plus1 micro control system works in concert with the standard shredder and paper area cameras to provide real time video of the shredding process.  This not only allows the operator to monitor the document destruction process, but also allows our customers to witness the destruction of their sensitive information


The LionCage Destructor trucks meet and exceed the EPA’s strict new emissions standards and operate on ULSD (Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel) or B5 biodiesel fuel. Not only do we recycle your paper and degauss and destroy your hard drives, but our trucks can run on recycled Bio-Diesel.  Our MD1 based Destructor trucks are equipped with predictive idle sensors that monitor the shredding process and shuts down the system once it has finished shredding.  Our staff is trained on the ShredTech Plus 1® system so that we can strike the perfect balance between fuel savings and operational efficiency.

LionCage Destructor trucks utilize Shred Techs ST-HDC Hard Drive destruction system to ensure your hard drives are completely destroyed. We are so confident in our state of the are hard drive shredding technology that we have a ONE MILLION DOLLAR challenge that your hard disk will never be usable again after being “eaten” by the destructor!

The ST-HDC is self-contained and easy to operate; its engine off design makes it silent and fuel efficient and environmentally friendly. Our state of the art hard drive destructor is fully automated. Our trucks utilize “Drop & Destroy” technology. Drop the hard drive in the box and within seconds the drive is “eaten” up and permanently eradicated. The hard drive destructors steel locked security cage ensures that the drive is destructed in safe clean secure environment.  The hard drive destructor’s electronic shielded interlocks allow for completely safe operation.