LionCage Security Solutions

Every company and individual anywhere in the world in 2014 must take pre-emptive and drastic steps to protect their physical documents, hardware and computer environments. Long gone are the days where your bills, records or files can be put in the trash together with your old computers. In addition to really strict privacy laws protecting the protection of data, today identify theft is a rampant threat to our existence and the way we destroy our data is sometimes as important as the way we protect it.

In addition to ensuring that old files, hardware or software is properly destroyed, any and all computers or networks that house data, from a simple stand-alone computer to a large robust network must not just be setup with the proper security but must be regularly monitored for any breaches.

LionCage Security Solutions acts as your soldier vigilantly standing guard over your computer making sure no intruder gets in. Like any well thought out battle, this process requires strategy, planning, execution, adaptation, and logistics.

Protecting your network at the simplest level requires you to monitor your computer environment to make sure that all servers are online, anti-virus is current and everything is running smoothly.

Of course LionCage does that all and alerts you the moment any of your computers are misbehaving, but that’s only part of the issue.

HACKERS….that’s a really serious problem that. So serious that if successful the time, effort and money damage a hacker can cause literally consumes peoples lives.  Hackers are constantly looking for weak entry spots into your computer to steal your passwords, pictures, personal data, financial information, documents, files and more.

So how can we win this Battle of the Hack? The answer is Vulnerability and Penetration Testing by LionCage!!

LionCage has a virtual Commando team of expert IT hackers works for you (at a time and frequency you select) to break in to your own network. Every computer has weaknesses and open doors so if you can find them before the bad guys do they can be patched and locked before anyone can break and enter!

Having a comprehensive end-to-end solution protecting your data and environment is critical in today’s hacker rampant society. LionCage is your trusted partner to protect you, your identity, your network and your personal information!