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7059257-new-life-concept-with-recycle-white-backgroundSelf Shred VS. LionCageShredding.com

The most common question we receive is, why do I need to shred and if I do want to shred why can’t I run to the office supply store and order a shredder for a hundred dollars.

The answer is you can! However at the end of the day it will cost you more with the one hundred dollar shredder that It would with LionCage Shredding!!

The facts are that LionCage Destructor trucks using InstiShred technology utilize state-of-the-art document shredding technology and can easily shred 6,500 to 7,000 pounds of paper per hour.

So for example if you were to self-shred 10 standard office file boxes with each of those boxes weighs 25 to 30 pounds for a total of 250 to 300 pounds to be shredded It would take your employee 30 hours to shred that much paper on a typical office shredder. Assuming you pay your employees $12 per hour, that would be a total of $360.00 to do it yourself, aside from the fact that your employee would have to remove all of the staples and paper clips to avoid jams and overheating which is common in store bought models.

With our industrial, mobile, on-site, document shredding Destructor trucks, we can shred the same amount of paper in about six minutes for less than one third of that cost.  The more paper you have to shred, the lower the cost! LionCage takes pride in offering you the most affordable reliable secure document shredding solution. We will always work with you to price match any competitros plans or special promotions.

9991063-business-man-shredding-confidential-documents-at-overflowing-shredderIn addition to our best price guarantee and one million dollar challenge there are many reasons to use LionCage shredding services including:

• Employees are more productive when focused on their core responsibilities

• Safety – even small machines could cause injury if they grab clothing or accessories.

• Reduced capital and employment expenditures

• Employees are most likely to realize the value of discarded company information

• Company information, such as payroll, legal and employment issues, and correspondence should not be exposed to most employees

• In-house shredding will not handle large volumes and may prompt employees to circumvent the document destruction process

• Guaranteed destruction – Our InstiShred    technology ensures instant document destruction.

• We recycle – 100% of regular shredded paper is recycled

• Eco Friendly – Recycling saves the environment.

• Certificate of Destruction. – Every shred comes with a certificate of destruction which is needed for compliance regulations.
Home shredders due to wear and tear have a short life span adding to the expense of operation. Signup today and secure your data with LionCage.com