E-Waste Recycling


When using the services of LionCage, you can rest assured that all your document and E-Waste will be destroyed and/or reused in an ethical, law abiding, compliant manner. LionCage recycles virtually all non hazmat electronics, metals and their components. Lion Cage will ensure that these products are recycled using the highest certified downstream in the industry. We will comply with and exceed all state and local regulations.  We will never use a downstream that sells their mill ready products to countries that do not have a sustainable recycling system.  Our E-Waste recycling helps ensure that we reduce our carbon footprint to preserve the environment and help keep our planet safe for generations to come. The LionCage goal is to recycle and reuse as many components as possible.

LionCage accepts virtually all non hazmat materials such as CPUs, Towers, Servers, Firewalls, Routers, Printers, Cell phones, Office phones, Notebooks, Monitors, Tablets and more.  If you are in possession of office supplies, electronic equipment, or cellular equipment, and you are unsure if it suitable for recycling, please contact our office and speak with an E-Waste specialist.  LionCage works with for profit, nonprofit and government accounts alike. Working with our LC Certified specialists will allow you to reduce your carbon footprint and earn green energy points.  When utilizing LionCage’s services you will rest assured that you are not only cleaning out your office from antiquated equipment, but that you are working with a and BIC certified company whose number one priority is your privacy and security.


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