BIC License

Shredding companies that operate in New York City must be licensed by the Business Integrity Commission, also known as BIC.  LionCage’s BIC license number is 4480. When utilizing a recycling or carting company, it is essential to verify that they are operating legally and that they have the proper insurance, training, and licensing.  Before a BIC license or registration is granted to a carting company in New York, BIC conducts background investigations of the applicant’s business and its principal’s character, honesty, and integrity.  The Business Integrity Commission also conducts criminal investigations into the businesses that it regulates.  LionCage takes great pride in following all BIC regulations and operating in an honest and ethical manner. Our company is managed by giving, charitable, ethical members of the community who spend much of their free time giving back to the underprivileged, sick, and disabled.  To learn more about LionCage, as well to learn more about data privacy and the strict privacy regulations we adhere by, please call us at 718-575-LION.


To learn more about the New York City Buisness Integrity Commission as well as to see a list of companies licensed under BIC you can visit –