LionCage Satisfaction Questioner

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  1. Was your onsite LionCage Certified Technician friendly?
  2. Did your LionCage Certified Technician arrive on time?
  3. Did your LionCage Certified Technician provide you with Certificate of Destruction?
  4. Did you order the pickup online?
  5. Did you order the pickup on the phone?
  6. If yes, did you find your phone operator knowledgeable and friendly?
  7. On 1-10 scale (10 being the highest) how would you rate your experience with LionCage?
  8. Did you know that LionCage provides secure ultra-fast scanning solutions?
  9. Do you backup your data online to ensure that your data Is available in a disaster?
  10. If yes which company do you use?
  11. If your store your client/patient data on a server, website or cloud do you utilize a service that scans it for vulnerabilities to ensure that it is secure?
  12. If yes which company do you use?

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Thank you for filling out our online questionnaire! Our goal is to provide you the best customer experience while proving you with affordable, secure, compliant data security solutions.

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