Press and its services provide data security solutions by offering multiple services in ensuring data privacy and compliance with privacy regulations.

LionCage is constantly adding features and services to assist our clients in providing secure, easy to implement, when possible automated data privacy and security services. Our entities provide services and consulting to doctors, lawyers, accountants, hospitals, police department’s, government offices and more.   Our entities and personnel have been interviewed and or written up in newspapers, articles and television across the country.

If you would like an industry prospective or a professional guest  to interview for your television show or professional article or publication regarding:

  1. Data Backup
  2. Vulnerability & Penetration testing
  3. Document Shredding
  4. Hard Drive Destruction
  5. Data accessibility or DR Solutions
  6. Security and privacy regulations
  7. Identity Theft & Fraud

Please contact our office at 718-575-LION to coordinate and schedule a meeting. A knowledgeable, friendly, LC Certified specialists will be happy to interview onsite, phone or via Skype as a professional guest.

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