Organizing Your Home Office

In these fast-paced, modern days, it’s becoming increasingly common for people to work from their home. Now, more than ever, it’s important that your home office be organized efficiently, correctly and securely. Make Once a Month Deep Cleaning Day/Declutter Day for your Home Office Nothing will frustrate you more than when clutter and untidiness begins […]

Does Recycling Really Save the Environment?

Does recycling your old laptop really make a difference? If you clean off your desk, does shredding and recycling all of your old paperwork really change anything? The answer to these questions is a resounding yes! You have the power to help divert large amounts of hazardous waste and reusable materials from entering landfills, helping […]

The New E-Waste Law in New York

LionCage Data Security Solutions provides both commercial and residential document shredding and E-Waste disposal.  As of January 1st 2015 it is ILLEGAL in NYC to dispose of E-Waste curbside.  LionCage, a NYC BIC licensed company, provides sustainable technology management solutions with the highest level of professionalism, security, and reliability ensuring the strictest compliance with legal, […]

Image Source (CC BY 2.0) by Quinn Dombrowski via flickr

What To Look For When Hiring a Shredding Service

Are the documents that you need to destroy piling up faster than you can handle? You could get out the office scissors or personal paper shredder and block off your schedule for the rest of your life, or you could find a professional document destruction specialist that works for your business needs. Any one of […]

The Easiest Explanation of Why You Need to Degauss Your Hard Drive

Most people who own a computer or who just use one in their daily activities are unaware of how valuable the data contained on their hard drives really is. Entire networks filled with shady individuals and malicious cyber criminals have been created with the express purpose of buying and selling important information in its digital […]