Promise and Guarantee

18096723_sLionCage and its affiliated companies are licensed, insured and registered USA based companies. We take great pride in our service, customer service and our reputation.  Unfortunately, there have been shredding/recycling companies out there who have hurt the reputation of the industry and have been known to dump their pickups in public landfills or even worse, on the street or along the sides of highways or in the ocean. LionCage is an ethical company who works hard daily to combat those that don’t play fair   and ruin the reputation of legitimate companies. LionCage has a 100% data destruction guarantee and 100% recycle guarantee on papers and metals that can be recycled. Whether you are shredding X-Rays, documents, drives (Sata, SAS, SSD) your submissions will be completely destroyed and will never be usable/readable again. Our reputation and our testimonials speak for themselves, however if you ever have any questions regarding our security procedures please feel free to Contact us and a LC Certified specialist will be happy to assist you. Our environment is precious; by utilizing our services you are helping preserve nature and assisting a worldwide effort in going green so that we can pass down our planet to our kids in a better form than we received it. LionCage document destruction and recycling guarantee is a steadfast promise that your data will be handed, destroyed in a compliant and ethical manner.

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