Our Team

Moti Mitteldorf ( CTO )

Moti was raised and educated in New York., from a young age he was entrepreneurial, starting off in elementary school selling candy to his friends, in high school buying computer parts, assembling, and selling them to his friends parents and in college opening a local tech support company and from there migrating to the online arena and supporting clients backup and security concerns across the globe. Moti is known for his knowledge and warm personality and willingness to always be there and assist. Moti is involved in many charities in the metro area. Moti lives with beautiful wife Rebecca and their five wonderful children.

Eli Rowe ( CEO )

Eli Rowe, our CEO is a serial entrepreneur with an eye for starting and developing services technologies for emerging markets. Eli graduated Summa Cum Laude with a business degree from Touro College. As a commercial pilot, volunteer rescue paramedic and philanthropist, Eli is always on call to assist those in need. Residing in Queens, NY, nothing really makes Eli happier than spending time with his wife and two sweet daughters and hyperactive sons.