Why do I need to shred my documents?

Shredding in some cases is required by law and in other instances is considered best practice. Doctors, lawyers, and accountants, among others, are bound by strict compliancy regulations, which if not abided by, can not only be expensively fined, but may be criminal.

 Will someone really go through my garbage? Do I really need to shred?

Absolutely. Why? Because Americans still receive millions of tons of real “snail mail” in addition to over 4 million tons of junk mail each year.  Much of this garbage mail – such as pre-approved credit cards, credit card bills, and bank statements – includes your personal information.  Utilizing this information, a thief can compile enough data to impersonate your identity.  Dumpster-diving identity thieves go through your trash knowing that the documents you discard as garbage contain personal identity information that can be converted into gold when used in a variety of illegal ways. Shredding your “junk” and real snail mail is essential to remain secure and compliant.

My Company has a garbage removal service, why can’t I just dispose with my garbage collector or recycler?

Have you ever driven down the highway and seen those garbage bags along the highway?  Those are bags from less than ethical garbage removers who do not care enough to do their job properly and pay for disposal, but just dump their garbage along the road or in other unauthorized locations. LionCage not only shreds on location, but our shredding process can be recorded and every single shred operation is given a LionCage Certificate of Destruction.

Are you licensed, bonded and insured?

Yes.  We are licensed, bonded and insured.   We take pride in our work and we value you as a client, hence we exceed all destruction regulation requirements.

If my material is stored in a hard-to-access location, can you provide the necessary labor to remove the material?  For example, if my material is located in a basement, attic or off-site storage facility, can you still accommodate me?

LionCage will provide all the labor needed to complete any job.  We have moved boxes from basements, attics and hard-to-access locations or offsite storage facilities.  We will do all we can to please the customer.  LionCage specializes in both commercial AND residential paper shredding. We have recommendations from clients in virtually every type of business.

What are some examples of what I should shred?

The basic answer is – Everything and anything that would either put you in breach of privacy regulations, facilitate ID Theft, OR that would embarrass you if you had to tell clients, co-workers or family members that their private information possibly got into the wrong hands.

Below is a list of examples of what to shred:

Address labels from junk mail and magazines, ATM receipts, Bank statements. Birth certificate copies, Canceled and voided checksCredit and charge card bills, carbon copies, summaries and receiptsCredit reports and historiesDocuments containing names, addresses, phone numbers or e-mail addressesDocuments relating to investments

Employee pay stubs

Employment records

Documents containing passwords or PIN numbers Drivers’ licenses or items with a driver’s license number, Expired passports and visas Identification cards (college, state, employee badges, military)Legal documentsInvestment, stock and property transactionsItems with a signature (leases, contracts, letters)Luggage tags

Medical and dental records

Papers with a Social Security numbers and Pre-approved credit card applications, Receipts with checking account numbersReport cards, Resumes or curriculum vitaeTax formsTranscriptsTravel itinerariesUsed airline tickets

Utility bills (telephone, gas, electric, water, cable TV, Internet)

Are your customers able to witness the paper shredding process?

Yes, we strongly encourage our customers to witness the destruction on the color monitor located on the shredding truck. .LionCage utilizes state of the art destruction processes and we are so confident in our shred that we offer a 1 MILLION dollar guarantee that the documents we destroy cannot be reconstructed.

Are you approved to shred HIPAA-related documents including medical records and destroy electronically-stored records?

LionCage.com values you and your patients.  Hipaa at this time does not certify any company.  Hipaa gives regulations and policy.  We follow that policy which in turn provides you with a Hipaa & HiTech compliant shredding solution.

Do you educate employees on legal policies and procedures?

Yes. LionCageShredding.com maintains an in-house training department that is responsible for training our staff in all aspects of our business. Continuing education is required for employment. Our staff is educated and pays attention to detail to make sure we meet and exceed privacy and data destruction regulations.

Under the HIPAA & HiTech regulations, is it required that all medical records be destroyed?

Yes, HIPAA requires that all medical information is destroyed. LionCage will provide you with a COD, Certificate of Destruction.

Do I need to remove all the paper clips, staples, or binders from all my documents before they are able to be shredded?

No, you do not need to remove these articles in order for them be shredded. Larger loose leafs and large pieces of metal we do ask you to remove.

Does LionCage conduct background checks on its staff?

All of our employees go through a background check to ensure that your data remains in secure hands. We value your trust and will also take every necessary step to ensure that your data remains secure at every step of the process from scanning to shredding to backing up.

Is LionCage Shredding listed on Yelp?

Yes, LionCage paper shredding and hard drive destruction is listed on Yelp.  Yelp.com allows users to review services in their area. We are proud to be well reviewed for our document and hard drives destruction on the Yelp service.  You can view our NY Yelp review by clicking here  http://www.yelp.com/deals/lioncage-shredding-new-york-2 . If your have a question about a Yelp  review or New York City document shredding or hard drive destruction service please feel free to contact us.

Is LionCage Shredding listed on Angies List?

Yes, LionCage document shredding solutions values client input and we proudly list our New York based hard drive and document shredding solutions on AngiesList.com for users to let us and new potential clients know how we did. We give 200% to our clients and our reviews speak for themselves. Angies List is  a free unbiased review service that allows us to gauge our performance.Below is a link to our AngiesList listing http://www.angieslist.com/companylist/us/ny/kew-gardens/lioncage-shredding-reviews-7868687.htm.   If your have a question about a AngiesList review or New York City paper shredding or computer waste  disposal please feel free to contact us.

What do you do with the paper once you shred it?

Once the paper is shredded, it is baled into 2,000 pound bales and sent to the paper mill where it is reduced to a liquid pulp. This pulp is then recycled into new paper.

How quickly can LionCage pick up my documents?

LionCage provides one time and scheduled document destruction services. When possible we try to schedule for the same day that you contact us.  If our trucks are not in your area we will schedule a pickup generally within 24 hours. Our trucks work nights and weekends.

Do you supply containers for us to place our documents in for shredding?

Yes, we supply locked security bins for your documents at absolutely no cost to you. The only cost that you incur is the paper shredding cost.

Our office is furnished very nicely, we know we need to shred however we do not want ugly bins ruining the appearance of the office, what can we do?

Upon request we can provide designer disposal consoles. These customized consoles are custom ordered and built and we can work with you on providing the right size and colors for your needs. Our designer paper disposal consoles are a favorite among architects, graphic artists, lawyers, and doctors.

I found a cheaper price at a competitor – Can you match it?

Generally YES! – We eat paper, and we want your business!! We will work with you and do what is necessary to satisfy you and give you the best pricing and the best service.  LionCage STRONGLY recommends ONSITE shredding. 95% of our work is done onsite. Offsite is easier and cheaper for us; however we believe that you are using a shredding service for security.  Driving 50 or 500 miles for the shredding process to occur may place your documents in danger which is why we are strong advocates of doing onsite document and hard drive destruction.

I have heard of your competitors such as Shred IT, Cintas and Iron Mountain; however I never heard of LionCage, why should we use LionCage over the large national companies such as the aforementioned?

We do have a lot of good competition out there!  Shred IT, Cintas, and Iron Mountain, among others, are all large, legitimate document shredding companies. However, when utilizing LionCage you will receive personalized, caring service, as well as a personal sales rep with a direct extension.  Our shredding is all done onsite and our vans are fully equipped with an onsite data lab to crush, degauss, or sanitize drives on premises. Our staff is trained to work with you and ensure we meet all your concerns, whether security related, schedule related, or price related.  LionCage NYC  onsite document shredding  is NAID AAA rated and  BIC certified.  Our team will always work with you to ensure we offer the lowest rates and the best service. In addition, LionCage offers additional services such as online data backup, document scanning, cloud, server, and PC vulnerability testing, security consulting and more!  While “Shred UP”, “TimeShred”, “ProShred”  “DataShred” and CodeShred  among  many other competitors all provide shredding services when it comes to securing your physical and online data security need, LionCage is your answer!

Do you offer discounts or have coupon codes?

LionCage offers discounts to nonprofits, schools and religious institutions of all faiths.  We do run promotions from time to time for all our LionCage services. If you are looking for a document shredding or hard drive destruction discount code please visit out specials page, contact us or feel free to check Yelp & AngiesList  for special NYC document shredding and hard destruction  promotions and coupons.

Does LionCage offer any additional services?

Yes, LionCage stands out from the competition by offering you a full spectrum of security services.

Scanning – LionCage Scanning offers economical secure scanning solutions. We are happy to scan 10 papers, 10 thousand papers or 10 million papers.  Please contact us for more information regarding scanning.Online Backup Solutions – LionCageBackup.com has been providing secure online backup for businesses since 2007. Our LionCageBackup solution is easy to use and includes agents for local backup, Exchange, SQL and more! To learn more please visit www.LionCageBackup.comSecurity & Vulnerability Testing – LionCageDefender.com goes where no other solution goes!  LionCage will test any and every internet connected device, find their vulnerabilities and report back to you what we found and how to fix it most issues. Ethical hacking is an unfortunate necessity in this “We are all connected world”.  Our Defender solution not only assists you with automated penetration testing and vulnerability testing services, but it alerts you of your servers’ health and will notify you of hard drive, cpu, network card, and other internal issues.  Defender can also be configured to notify you if a server or site goes offline. To learn more about the growing services of LionCageDefender please visit www.LionCageDefender.com

Final Question: Who is behind LionCage and how can I trust you with my documents, backup and security testing services?

The LionCage team is lead by Eli Rowe, Sarah Herschel and Moti Mitteldorf. Our friendly award winning team consists of serial entrepreneurs who understand your business and security needs.  Eli and Sarah founded the shredding division and Moti founded the backup and security divisions. Eli has been providing secure services to Fortune 500 companies for over 22 years while Moti has been providing IT services for over 16 years and online services since 2007. Our team and entities provide services to doctors, lawyers, accountants, insurance companies, government accounts, charities, and schools across the globe.  In addition we partner with the NYPD  to provide document shredding events across NY Metro area. You can learn more about the owning body of LionCage solutions by visiting www.LionCage.com and clicking on the ‘About Us’ section.